An American in England: Dealing With The Differences

October 27, 2018

I dreamt of traveling the world; I wanted to meet the rats of New York, have a drink in an English pub, run down the streets of Spain, and lead an extraordinary life full of creativity and travel. I wanted to live a life worth writing about. Though at the time I felt that college was getting in the way, it was actually granting me opportunities. Thanks to college, I’m studying abroad today. Writing to you from London, England. My home for the school year. Read More

The Fight Against Children’s Cancer

October 24, 2018

Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation is a local charity organization that helps diagnosed children and their families with finances, support, and hope. They host events all over the city to raise awareness and money. Some of the important events are the yearly NNCCF Benefit Horse Show at Meadowview Equestrian Center and the Tournament of Hope. Read More

Shopaholics Not So Anonymous

October 24, 2018

Even with a closet full of clothes, I can never find something to wear. I find myself sitting in class envisioning outfits and collaborations of what I own with an imaginary item and going out to find it to add to my collection of fashion. I am addicted to the ideas in my head about what I want and where I can actualize these ideas to bring them to life. Read More

Ghost Mode

October 24, 2018

“I’ll ghost a girl sometimes if I feel like she doesn’t really deserve an answer from me, but if I feel someone is special or I’m into her enough I’ll be straight up,” he said. Sometimes you don’t have to have done anything for someone to ghost you. It is simply because they are disinterested in what is being offered and were simply exploring you as an option on their quest for someone that they really connect with. Read More

Pack Profile: Alan Deutchman

October 24, 2018

By the time Deutchman was ready to graduate from college, he already had an impressive resume of summer internships including The Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, American Society of Magazine Editors, was actively writing for Newsweek, and had written and published a book when he was 18 on how to get college scholarships, giving him a real taste in professional writing. Yet, Deutchman recalls still struggling to landing his first job. Read More