About Insight

Insight Magazine is the university’s student-run feature magazine focused on local news, reviews, features, lifestyle, opinions, and our insight on topics. Insight is written by students for students. The magazine is committed to quality reporting, writing, photography, and design to inform its readers. Insight strives to deliver news in a colorful and captivating way to best tell the stories of people, places, and events of Reno. In addition, the magazine is committed to helping students master their craft through opportunities to develop their skills through print and web mediums.

About Our Staff

Andrea Heerdt

Andrea Heerdt Editor-in-Chief

Hello! My name is Andrea Heerdt, and I’m currently the Editor-in-Chief. I’ve been working for Insight for about a year now. It’s pretty cool. I started out as a volunteer writer and photographer then became the Art Director which turned into my current position as EIC. Outside of Insight I love going to Lake Tahoe, hanging out with friends and family, and taking pictures.

Tanner Barret

Tanner Barret Copy Editor

Hi! My name is Tanner Barrett, and I’m a senior studying journalism and political science just trying to make sense of the world. As a transfer student from Las Vegas, I’ve always been eager to take advantage of my short time at UNR to explore Reno, and tell the stories it has to offer. Last year I contributed to Insight as a volunteer writer, and I’m excited to be a part of this year’s creative team as copy editor!.

Angela Lujan

Angela Lujan Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Angela. I’m a junior at UNR with a major in English Writing. I’ve been published in UNR’s Brushfire and previously worked as Senior Editor on The Echo. I’m very excited to be part of the team here at Insight!

Taylor Harker

Taylor Harker Social Media Director

Hi there! My name is Taylor Harker and I am a junior at the University of Nevada, Reno. This school has led me to some amazing friends and professors that inspire me to be a better person everyday. I study journalism with an emphasis in strategic communications, so I hope to be an awesome social media director. I love being a part of the Insight magazine and working with people that bring such creativity and life to this campus.

Katherine Lastname

Kellie Sasso Photography Editor

Born 20 years ago & raised in the Arizona sunshine, I’m a sassy photographer / blogger of sorts who is currently finding herself in Reno, NV. I have a passport that I’ve never used and I have been to more oldies rock concerts than that of any other kind. Someday after earning my journalism degree, my camera will take me and my 80’s spotify playlist adventuring across the globe. Oh, and P.S. Just call me Sasso.. Coverdale does. ;)