About Insight

Insight Magazine is the university’s student-run feature magazine focused on local news, reviews, features, lifestyle, opinions, and our insight on topics. Insight is written by students for students. The magazine is committed to quality reporting, writing, photography, and design to inform its readers. Insight strives to deliver news in a colorful and captivating way to best tell the stories of people, places, and events of Reno. In addition, the magazine is committed to helping students master their craft through opportunities to develop their skills through print and web mediums.

About Our Staff

Kaitlin Venneman

Kaitlin Venneman Editor-in-Chief

Hey! I’m Kait, and I am double-majoring in anthropology and English writing, with a minor in art history. After being involved with Insight as a volunteer writer, I became Editor-in-Chief, and I couldn’t be more excited! When I’m not working with Insight, I write poetry, obsess over movies, and listen to my Spotify playlists non-stop. After college, you can find me in New York getting my master’s degree in creative writing, and hopefully finishing my second (or third!) poetry book.

Ryan Almazan

Ryan AlmazanArt Director

Hello! My name is Ryan, and I’m Insight’s Art Director. I was born and raised in southern California before moving to Henderson, Nevada before high school. Now I’m here in Reno, studying computer science with a minor in graphic design. I started volunteering as a writer and designer in fall of 2019, and I’m proud to be in the position I’m in right now. Outside of my work on the magazine, I’m passionate about telling stories and creating in any kind of way. I'm currently writing a book, producing music,and making videos. Find me holed up in the office or in my room trying to cook something up!

Mary Young

Mary Young Photography Editor

Hey! My name is Mary, and I am a journalism and media production student at the university. I’ve volunteered for Insight Magazine since 2018, and I’m excited to continue with the magazine on staff. When I’m not taking pictures, you can find me listening to Maggie Rogers, hiking, or cooking. Also, if you need me, I’ll be at the Winco peanut butter grinder.

Sarah Strang

Sarah Strang Copy Editor

Hi there! My name is Sarah. I am a journalism and anthropology student here at UNR. This is my first year working for Insight Magazine, but I have been present with the university’s student media for over a year now. Most of my time is spent writing, analyzing art or planning my next trip to a corner of the globe no one has heard of. After college, I would love to work as a foreign correspondent focusing on humanitarian issues in Africa.

Maddie Hall

Maddie HallSocial Media Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Maddie. I am from Las Vegas and am a marketing major here at UNR. I am very excited to be working with Insight again this year after interning with them last year. Other than working with the magazine, a few of my favorite hobbies include taking pictures, rewatching The Office, adding to my record collection, reading good books, and just being outdoors!

Idalia Concha

Idalia ConchaStaff Writer

Hello! My name is Idalia, but everyone calls me Ida. I am a journalism major, and my hobbies include writing, photography, and attending a lot of concerts. If I’m not working or at school, there is a 99% chance that I am at a concert somewhere in the West Coast. I have a huge coffee obsession, so you will always find me with a cup in hand.

Reilly Moss

Reilly MossStaff Illustrator

Hello! My name is Reilly, and I am a business marketing, entrepreneurship, and studio artstudent at the University. I have been a volunteer illustrator for Insight for over a year now, and Iam so excited to continue creating illustrations for the magazine as a staff member! Other thandrawing, my hobbies include playing basketball, going on hikes, and being outdoors. After Igraduate, I hope to open up an art studio and café!

Olivia Sullivan

Olivia SullivanStaff Writer Intern

Hi! My name is Olivia, but you can call me Liv! I am a proud journalism student here at theuniversity. I've always loved writing and magazines, so it's no surprise I ended up at Insight.Working with everyone and getting to do what I love has been a dream come true! I amoriginally from California, so most weekends you can find me exploring the city with myfriends. When I'm not doing that or writing for the magazine you can most likely find mereading, watching movies, shopping at Trader Joes, or taking a nap. Whatever I'm doing, withoutfail, I'll definitely also be listening to music.

Kirsty Lenon

Kirsty LenonSocial Media Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Kirsty and I am a marketing and management student here at UNR. Iam so excited to be the social media intern for Insight this year! I’m passionate about playing apart in how someone discovers something that brings them joy. I also love traveling andexploring new places, as well as attending concerts and music festivals!