Proactively Deactivating

May 19, 2021

If someone were to Google my name, they wouldn’t really find anything other than my LinkedIn, Facebook and very slow PRs from when I ran cross country for one season in high school. I’ve come to the realization, and not speaking on behalf of anyone but myself, that social media has distorted my view of beauty, happiness and genuine relationships. 

Affliction in Isolation: A Look at the State of Student Mental Health at UNR During the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 06, 2021

Four walls. Separation from family and friends. Distance from the offices and rooms we habitually occupied. An online arena of icons and faceless names. What seemed impossible—a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic in the 21st century—became a reality in 2020 as COVID-19 disrupted the lives of millions of people around the globe, particularly the college students of the University of Nevada, Reno.

Top Five Covers: The Gift that Just Keeps Giving

April 14, 2021

You never quite know what you are going to get when an artist covers a song, and I think that's what I like most about them. A ‘cover’ of a song is a new performance by someone who isn't the original performer: allowing artists to pay homage to artists and art that came before them. A really good cover has the potential to breathe life into music that was once overlooked or forgotten.

Summer in November: Bad Bunny’s ‘Dakiti’ Song Review

November 22, 2020

Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez have returned with a new collaboration and it’s a banger! Their new song “Dakiti” debuted number one of the Billboard Hot Latin Songs and remains having the biggest week in terms of streaming. “Dakiti” is Bad Bunny’s sixth number one and Cortez’s first number one.

Society Says Long-Distance Kills Relationships, I’m Here to Prove Them Otherwise

November 10, 2020

They say that long distance is the killer of love; someone is bound to cheat, they never work out. Sure, not every long-distance relationship works out, but not every close distance relationship works out either. Not being able to see your significant other often is difficult, there is definitely an added strain, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t successful or worth the fight. Coming from someone in a happy and loving long-distance relationship that has handled it prior to and during an international pandemic, don’t give up on someone you love because of distance. It’s difficult, yes, but if you love someone, it’s worth it.