Q and A with Day Wave

October 07, 2017

1.) What inspired the creation of Day Wave?

It all started with the idea of starting a guitar band. Before Day Wave I was playing more synthesizer music and I really wanted to do something more rock based. Read More

Failure Machine Has Yet to Fail

April 25, 2017

RENO, Midtown – Local band Failure Machine talk running their own concert venue, touring the West coast, the cassette tape merchandise phenomenon, and sharing each other’s clothes. Failure Machine describe themselves as a three-piece “garage-rock soul” or “beer rock” band. The band of twenty-somethings is composed of Clint “CP30” Philbin, Rachael “RachBoo” McElhiney, and Spencer Kilpatrick. Their musical influences include The Dirty Nil, Otis Redding, Boz Scaggs, and The Dirtbombs. According to Beau Dowling, Failure Machine is “another example of great music coming out of one-armed bandit land.” Read More

Striking Green in the Cannabis Boom

April 17, 2017

In a small store tucked discreetly behind a shopping center in Sun Valley, Nev., 29-year-old store manager Greg Pulsipher chats with a returning customer. Outside, the pounding rain is repeatedly hitting the black bars that encase the store. The rain outside competes with the sound of energetic rock music from overhead speakers as Greg asks the older woman about her day. She paces around an oak table neatly lined with rows of glass jars filled with marijuana, occasionally picking up a jar and smelling its contents before she makes her final decision: White Sangria. Greg compliments her choice, it’s his favorite strain as well. Read More


April 17, 2017

Bitch better have my money! Y'all should know me well enough. Bitch better have my money! Please don't call me on my bluff,” I belt out, wondering if the people I’m passing on I-80 are getting a kick out of my half-assed Rihanna impression. At least my oversized sunglasses are covering most of my face, on the off chance I pass another Nevada student heading home for winter break. My ice-blond hair is pulled into a ponytail under a baseball cap to further complete the disguise. I’m like Leo DiCaprio, hiding from the paparazzi and my adoring fans. Read More

Ford Corl Exposé

April 17, 2017

Ford has really gone off the goddamn deep end now! What was he thinking?” reads the description on the Bandcamp page of local Reno musician Ford Corl’s latest release, ‘Mr. Acid Head’. Over the past decade, Corl has released five solo records—all of which deviate from each other in both musical sound and concept. With a catalog as dense and spanning as Corl’s, it’d be easy to become immersed past the point of distinction. Yet Corl’s fluidity between genres finds his catalog shifting from fuzzy indie rock, to ambient soundscapes, to feel-good indie pop, with some of his releases combining all of the above. Read More

The Fashion Purge

April 17, 2017

How many of us have felt the inexorable pull of the new, the exciting...the expensive? Everything costs money and although we may actually need new clothing for the adult world (let’s face it, leggings and Sperrys are not going to cut it in the office), is it really justified if we cannot even squeeze another sock into our closets? Read More

Coffee Bar Review

April 17, 2017

A collage of words hide beneath your work and cups, so look carefully! Perhaps you will learn something new. Different paintings canvas their brick walls on a regular basis, but their mosaic lion stays above coffee cups attached to a wall, often with hidden notes inside. There are many tables available, inside and out, but plan your visit with care! This place can fill up quick. With a small parking lot on the side or residential parking, you may need to make a short trek during their busier hours. Worth it though? Absolutely. If all the small tables are filled, make some new friends at the wooden community tables, it’s okay to talk to each other. You can do this. Read More

Hub Coffee Roasters Review

April 17, 2017

What started in a small garage at 32 Cheney Street seven years ago has now become a dominating coffee culture at 727 Riverside Drive. This family-owned business—Hub Coffee Roasters, aka “The Hub”—provides knowledgeable and fantastic staff within a cozy, brick-covered atmosphere. Originally, The Hub only had what I refer to as a “coffee side” (even though tea and hot chocolate is available), but they have now expanded to take up two spaces, with a ‘slow bar’ that includes a beautiful variety of teas, crisp décor, and a succulent to join your homework or meeting adventures. Read More

Art in Trump’s America

April 17, 2017

In what many consider turbulent times, art can change the narrative, according to DeLappe. “In these kind of circumstances, I think what artists do becomes very important,” he said. “It becomes a way of not just reacting, but perhaps helping form other ways of dealing with our contemporary situation.…[It’s] giving opportunities for dialogue, giving you information that allows you to make up your own mind, and opening those gates in a way that are not always addressed typically.” Read More

What a Trump Presidency Means for Women’s Reproductive Rights

April 17, 2017

The first course of action Trump needs to take in order to overturn Roe v. Wade is appointing a new, conservative Supreme Court Justice to replace Antonin Scalia. Scalia served in the Supreme Court for 30 years until his death in February of 2016. Before Scalia’s death, the Supreme Court’s opinion about abortion was split. Half approved of Roe v. Wade, while the other half opposed the law. Even with Trump’s pick to replace Scalia, which will most likely be a conservative, the Supreme Court will remain deadlocked over the issue. Read More

Traveling Through Self-Realization

April 17, 2017

Liberation—a complex and formidable word that contains several layers of meaning according to the person it possesses. What does pure liberation mean? Is it never having to face oppression or inequality? Could it be never staying in one place and experiencing life according to the direction the winds are blowing? How about being completely in tune and comfortable with yourself to the extent which no other person’s opinion or judgment has the potential to impact you? The true meaning can only be defined on a person-to-person basis. Liberation is something that one has achieved for themselves regardless of the path it took to get there. Read More

Pack Profile: Assistant Professor Ben Birkinbine

April 17, 2017

According to Birkinbine, the desire to become a professor can be traced back to a couple things—one of which includes coming from a family of educators that taught at public schools back in Wisconsin and having the teaching trait in his blood. Birkinbine also noted that during his freshman year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay , he took a course by the name of ‘Freedom and Social Control’ that he considered ‘life changing’. Read More

The Cost of True Democracy

December 06, 2016

It's Fall- and the most wonderful time in democracy... election time: wonderfully stimulating and wonderfully aggravating, as many would agree. Fall beckons for boots, sweaters, and all the pumpkin spiced goodies you can get your hands on. Fall also signifies democracy, in the form of election season. This year, we will take part in a history-making presidential election. Democracy in its true nature compels "we the people" to participate in the choice process that will lead to what we hope will be a governance of freedom and equality. Read More


May 11, 2017

Chemistry: that unexplainable electrical current that runs throughout your body when you're near someone you're attracted to. It's almost as if the entirety of your being is pulsating with desire for that particular person, and won't lay off until it gets what it wants. What does it want, you may ask? Sex. With our biological disposition always screaming at us to reproduce, our bodies can sense when there is a suitable mate for our future offspring. Of course this is a little far fetched for most of us college students who are just trying to survive the hangovers and copious amounts of schoolwork we're given, but the genetics want what the genetics want. Read More