Pack Profile: Assistant Professor Ben Birkinbine

According to Birkinbine, the desire to become a professor can be traced back to a couple things—one of which includes coming from a family of educators that taught at public schools back in Wisconsin and having the teaching trait in his blood. Birkinbine also noted that during his freshman year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay , he took a course by the name of ‘Freedom and Social Control’ that he considered ‘life changing’. Read More

The Cost of True Democracy

It's Fall- and the most wonderful time in democracy... election time: wonderfully stimulating and wonderfully aggravating, as many would agree. Fall beckons for boots, sweaters, and all the pumpkin spiced goodies you can get your hands on. Fall also signifies democracy, in the form of election season. This year, we will take part in a history-making presidential election. Democracy in its true nature compels "we the people" to participate in the choice process that will lead to what we hope will be a governance of freedom and equality. Read More


Chemistry: that unexplainable electrical current that runs throughout your body when you're near someone you're attracted to. It's almost as if the entirety of your being is pulsating with desire for that particular person, and won't lay off until it gets what it wants. What does it want, you may ask? Sex. With our biological disposition always screaming at us to reproduce, our bodies can sense when there is a suitable mate for our future offspring. Of course this is a little far fetched for most of us college students who are just trying to survive the hangovers and copious amounts of schoolwork we're given, but the genetics want what the genetics want. Read More