SnowGlobe Day 1 Photos

December 30, 2017

SnowGlobe started off with a bang this year. From the inside of the Igloo tent to outside at the Sierra stage festival goers from all over dressed up in their flashiest gear to live it up at day one of SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe, California. Neon lights illuminated the festival grounds as crowds gathered around to watch some of last night's headliners including Luca Lush, Brasstracks, Spag Heddy, Travis Scott, and TroyBoi.  Read More

SnowGlobe Winter Fashion Guide

December 17, 2017

Most of us have seen popular fashion choices for festival wear. Guys wear tank tops and bandanas while girls sport jean shorts and flower crowns. These are perfect options for a warm, sunny afternoon in April. But for those who have attended or plan on attending South Lake Tahoe's SnowGlobe Music Festival this winter, cute and warm may not always mean the same thing. This year's festival weather includes high percentages of humidity, snow and rain showers, and temperatures with lows bellow 20 degrees. Don't fret. There are plenty of ways to dress up and accessorize without sacrificing your toes to frostbite.  Read More

A Local Bakery, A local Feel

November 07, 2017

In Homage Bakery, the smell of savory croissants, sweet treats, and a homey feel welcomes you in, and offers a calm refuge from the stress of work, school, and daily life. Personally, I have enjoyed hitting up this quaint little cafe for a nice chat with friends, some time to focus on writing, or a quick treat. The bakery, founded in 2011 by chef and baker Nicholle Alumbaugh, has a unique, yet familiar and homey atmosphere that brings in regulars and tourists alike. Student/barista Emily Schmid is the quintessential Renoite, reflecting the laid-back vibe that flows through the air with the scent of fresh fallen snow. Read More

Students of Nevada

January 01, 1970

Every day on campus you pass by random strangers. Perhaps you've seen them before or maybe not. Ever wonder who they are and what their life is like? Each student at the University of Nevada, Reno has a story to tell. Each has a unique life, perspective, and outlook not only as a student but each as a person with different life experiences. Take a look at the first series of Students of Nevada. A project that snapshots the lives of randomly selected people here on campus. Read More

Nevada Youth Empowerment Project Seeks to Help Reno’s Vulnerable Female Population

November 28, 2017

Monica DuPea says that the first thing her organization does for these youths is to stabilize them. “We provide a safe, healthy, clean place to live. Then, we identify their goals,” says DePea. The organization seeks to help young women become more independent through its programming. This involves first, the Community Living Program (CLP). In CLP the young women are provided with housing, food and guidance toward their goals. These goals are often high school graduation and entering the workforce. Read More

A Simple Melody Can Lead Dreamers to Hope

November 24, 2017

In the Northern Nevada community, many musicians have shown their support towards the DACA program through their music and performance. Vocalist and guitarist Dan Morse of Reno’s indie-rock band, Fine Motor, has worn a piece of paper taped onto his guitar strap that says “Pass the Dream Act,” since 2011. He plans to keep it on until the act is passed and allows immigrants affiliated with DACA to stay in America. Read More

Holland Project Photo Essay

January 01, 1970

I walked into the Holland Project’s music space, immediately greeted by a glistening disco ball spinning overhead and reflecting sharp beams of light in every direction. A psychedelic tapestry served as a backdrop for the main stage already set up with guitars, mic stands, amps, a drum kit, and endless wires slithering along the floor. With my camera cradled in my hands, peeked into the green room tucked in the back corner of the space where I found members of the night’s headlining band, Palehound, lounging until it was their time to shine. Read More