Celebrating the 100-year Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

May 04, 2020

On August 18, 1920, Congress ratified the 19th Amendment, giving women in America the right to vote. This year, the amendment will turn 100 years old, and as the date comes closer, we should discuss how to properly celebrate and remember this moment in history. As we commend this accomplishment, it is our duty to remember and uphold the reality of this time — the truth of the amendment’s ratification being that it was a show of progress — not of victory. 

An Ethereal Experience: Alina Baraz’s It Was Divine

May 04, 2020

Alina Baraz’s debut album, “It Was Divine,” hits the market a week earlier than expected. This is her first solo album since the 2018 full-length EP “The Color of You” that treated us with her dainty vocals and introspective lyrics. Baraz is no stranger to the music industry, but this time she’s ready for her close-up with “It Was Divine.”

Portrait of a Lady on Fire Film Review

April 27, 2020

Recently released on Hulu in 2019, the French drama centers around a painter named Marianne who is tasked with secretly painting a wedding portrait of Heloise, a reluctant bride-to-be who just left the convent. Marianne pretends she is her companion for walks, and the two young women share lingering glances as they walk around the edges of cliffs, which eventually sparks a fiery romance within the isolated island they are stuck on. 

Jeremy Zucker’s Debut Album “love is not dying” Highlights the Melodramatics and Uncertainty of Modern Youth

April 27, 2020

Graduate student Jeremy Zucker didn’t dream of pursuing a career in music. Creating music had always been something he loved doing as a hobby, but as he slowly began releasing music throughout his college years, he was quickly discovered and offered many record label deals. Now, the young talent has put out his very first debut album, “love is not dying.” 

One World: Together At Home

April 20, 2020

Global Citizens, a group working towards ending extreme poverty, partnered with Lady Gaga to celebrate healthcare workers and The World Health Organization, or WHO. Famous singers, actors and comedians from around the world were invited to share their art and messages of support for the cause. A livestream of the six-hour pre-show began on April 18 at 2p.m. EST. It was globally broadcasted on Twitter, Youtube, Amazon Prime and other streaming sites.