Local Business Profile: Francesca Martinez and Bad Apple VNTG

April 13, 2020

Few clothing shops in Reno bleed as much personality as Bad Apple VNTG. Located in Midtown, the store combines local art and vintage clothing and is curated by Francesca Martinez, the store’s owner and creator. Opened in 2015, Martinez first fell in love with the local Reno scene while visiting her friend.

Dua Lipa Takes Us on a Blast to the Past With “Future Nostalgia”

January 01, 1970

“I know you’re dying to figure me out,” Dua Lipa sings on her sophomore album “Future Nostalgia.” And she’s not wrong. Her self-titled debut album “Dua Lipa”  established her smoky and raspy voice, yet it lacked a sense of who Dua actually was and has become. “Future Nostalgia” highlights her versatility by sharing a collection of sophisticated pop-funks that radiate inspiration from Donna Summer and disco. 

Where’s Our Nanny? Why the Nanny Needs to Be on Streaming Services Today. 

April 13, 2020

Nanny Fine was the most eccentric gal on our television screens — with outfits, a nasally voice and quips to match. We fell in love with her on “The Nanny,” an American sitcom starring Fran Drescher, Charles Shaughnessy and Renée Taylor. “The Nanny” followed Fine, an unemployed Jewish 29-year-old, as she makes her way into the Sheffield’s home as their newest nanny, turning their beige lives red.

How Tinder Has Changed Due to the Coronavirus

April 13, 2020

If you’re an extrovert, being stuck at home is not the most ideal situation. The never-ending boredom mixed with borderline claustrophobic sensations can drive a person crazy. At home, there is only so much you can clean, workout and cook before you’re sitting on the couch again watching another episode of “The Office.” However, with Tinder’s introduction of a new free passport, you can now explore the world, virus-free and from the safety of your home — a service that also appeals to many. 

Humans Are Not the Virus: The Unforeseen Side-Effects of Self-Quarantine

April 07, 2020

Our world has been shaken up by the novel coronavirus COVID-19. The usual flow to our lives has been disrupted: we are not allowed to leave our homes, our favorite places to eat have disallowed dine-in options and we’re confronted with the morbid reality of a disease that even doctors do not fully understand. Our social and personal distancing places us at home, physically disconnected from the outside world. But with our stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders comes an interesting side-effect: a return to nature.