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What Kind of a Shopaholic are You?

By October 24, 2018November 19th, 2018Uncategorized
Plato's closet racks

1. How often do you buy new shoes?

A.) Every time I see a pair I like. I am out of control.

B.) Every few months or so. I might need a pair for a job, or I might treat myself to something I’ve had my eye on for a while and know I really want.

C.) Once a year. I wear the same pair all year until my mom buys me a new pair.


2. Would you rather buy sushi for dinner or buy a new outfit for a night downtown?

A.) Sushi, I have a closet full of clothes at home.

B.) Clothes, I gotta look fuego if I’m going to see Taylor tonight. (;

C.) Neither, I am allergic to fish, and I hate everyone.


3. You’re going to meet the Kardashians, what do you wear?

A.) The best I have I guess, but I just hope their asses are as big as they are in photos!!!

B.) OMG. I guess I have to charge all of Kylie’s cosmetics to my credit card. #RIPME but it HAS to be done.

C.) I’m meeting who?


4. The iPhone XXXtentacion (may he rest in peace, and live long in the hands of Apple users everywhere) is coming out. It costs $1,587. What do you do?

A.) Spend my money somewhere else. All of these phones do the same thing.

B.) I’m in line two days before it drops, Apple and I are one.



5. When you go grocery shopping, how much do you plan to spend?

A.) I don’t grocery shop. My mom sends me boxes of food, so I never have to leave the house.

B.) I aim to spend around $30 to $40 for the week, so that I can get the perfect amount of food and save money for Friday a.k.a my designated day to shop.

C.) I eat out for almost every meal, and if I don’t then I will probably lay in my bed and starve.



1.) a: +15; b: +10; c:+5

2.) a: +10; b: +15; c:+5

3.) a: +10; b: +15; c:+5

4.) a: +15; b: +10; c:+5

5.) a: +5; b: +15; c:+10



25 points and below

You obviously have no interest in fashion, trends or even leaving the house. It is clear that you may have lived under a rock for at least a month and have rejoined society recently enough to venture out and find friends, but not enough to spend any money on them. You are dedicated to Netflix, school, work, and finding happiness in nature. You do spend money on some things, but it is very rare, and they are all practical purchases; ones that are necessary like toothpaste and condoms. You will probably be the person who rules the world and smites anyone who has done you dirty, especially the people who sent you to live under that rock.

26-50 points

You are mainly addicted to social spending, yet you are still spending just as much as the self-serving shopaholic above. While your purchases consist of In-N-Out, bowling shoes, movie tickets, tacos and beer it is apparent you aren’t repeatedly seeking out spending to your self gain, although you may still do so on an inconsistent, less indulgent scale. Then again, Nike just dropped the Veto 18’s fully animated with X’s covering a portrait of Trump on the bottom of the shoe, and you’re feeling awfully political on this particular day… #treatyoself

51 points and up

You are addicted to going into malls, pursuing the sale rack, and shopping day of for an event you heard about an hour ago. You realize that there is money in your bank account that can go towards better things, yet you still sip your Starbucks while slinging three shopping bags over your shoulder. Most of the things you buy are going to contribute to your positive self-esteem, and will let you look hot AF in that selfie you know you’re going to take. You never know when the world is going to end, so you might as well spend the money you have now while you still have it.


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