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Stranger Things Review

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Though I felt the warning was not necessary considering the sci-fi nerd, mystery craving, 80’s loving population has had ample time to binge watch the new season of Stranger Things, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone who has yet to explore the Duffer Brother’s next set of episodes, available on Netflix.

First of all, did Bob dying really further the plot? Am I the only one who screamed towards the sky when a “demo-dog” ate his jugular for dinner? Despite his demise, what seemed to take place shortly after being introduced to the gang, Bob the brain definitely made an impression. The fact that Joyce Byers gave the dorky underdog a chance to finally revisit his high school crush was enough to keep viewers going to the finale. Their short and sweet love affair was not the only new addition to the debauchery that is served by the producers of Stranger Things. The new curly-haired Eleven made it her mission to not only get a grunge-esque makeover, but to also adventure outside of the small, Indiana town that the story had been taking place in to find another digit, Eight. The leader of a misfit crew, thirsty for the blood of those who have wronged them, begins to almost brainwash Eleven, who is later reminded that her home is a group of Eggo-loving kids, protected by her adopted father, Jim Hopper. A step outside of Hawkins may have made the narrative a bigger disaster than previously expected; however, it took camera time away from what the audience knows and loves, the Ghostbusters. Several relationships were brought to the next level at the end of the latest season, starting with Lucas and the elusive mad Max, who’s criminal older brother also participates in a brawl with big-haired, Steve Harrington. Sharing a kiss at the Snow Ball, the new couple continues to make Dustin jealous yet again. Along with Lucas and Max, Eleven and Mike’s adolescent tension flourishes, and the two finally get to have a dance in the last episode.

My first thought about this season? Damn it, they did it again. I wasn’t sure if the creators could maintain such a powerful script, and cinematic setting like the previous episodes, but yes the Duffer Brothers most definitely provided. Eager for the next season, in the meantime, any super fans can satisfy their needs for all Things Stranger on Netflix by also watching “Beyond Stranger Things”, where the actors exchange commentary about their behind the scenes experiences.