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colorful carpet with red and tan pillows and a small table with a flower henna design

The Studio Review

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In the heart of Midtown there lies a local hole-in-the-wall: The Studio. The Studio is an up-and-coming yoga workshop that holds a very carefree and relaxing environment. The overall easygoing vibe of The Studio allows its clients to relax, forget about everyday troubles, and connect with like-minded people. Besides just yoga, The Studio offers a variety of other neat activities that attribute to it being so far out. This local business is also very famous for its massages, wellness treatments, and exotic tea elixir lounge. After-hours on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays only, The Studio serves tranquilizing teas that contain either kratom or kava. These plants are widely popular for their sedating and calming effects on the body. Normally, they both have a bitter and dry taste that makes them hard to enjoy. However, The Studio has the perfect technique that usually involves mixing in chai, coconut, and honey to make the tea not only bearable but surprisingly tasty.

To enhance the laze experience, there is a room where the guests sit on pillows in dim light while they listen to trancing music from a local DJ. There is even a mini light show included. A plethora of people from all over Reno come to sip delicious tea while they partake in plenty of conversation. The lounge also includes yoga mats and hula hoops for people to practice while they listen to the upbeat and mind-opening soundscape. The Studio has a very luminous atmosphere that adds to the Reno culture deeply. Its walls are filled with beautiful tapestries, and each table has antique candles and lamps that hang down from the ceiling. This business allows all people to feel welcome and be a part of a happy and peaceful energy.