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Book Review: Torn

By October 24, 2018December 10th, 2018Uncategorized
Rowenna Miller's book cover

Book by Rowena Miller, Review by Maggie Schmutz

Torn by Rowena Miller is a fantasy novel that follows Sophie, a dressmaker who is known for sewing charms into garments. She supports herself and her brother Kristos with her business and by continuing to make dresses for the nobles of their kingdom. Her brother Kristos is a revolutionary and is strongly against the monarchy and the nobles that support it, which challenges Sophie.

She knows that she is supported by these people, and as she gets to know them she finds that many of them see the struggle the lower classes are facing, but at the same time she can’t relate to the elegant lives they lead. She is stuck in between friends, family, and two very different sides of her life. As Kristos’ rebellion grows she must choose between the two worlds she has come to inhabit. This novel is the first in its series and is perfect for anyone intrigued by the mix of politics and fantasy with a fair share of suspense thrown in

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