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10 College Habits You Will Regret in 10 Years

By April 25, 2018Uncategorized
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College is a harbor for a commonly classified time to “have fun” or “let loose” but there are many habits that we engage in at this time in our lives; habits that can haunt us in the future. Those that we will learn to regret in the subsequent years of our life. Here is a collection of habits we all tend to partake in during our college career that have the possibility to burgeon and effect our futures.

  1. Using sarcasm as a second language

Imagine walking into a job interview and clamming up because of nerves. Your initial reaction is to revert to a response of humor because this is a common response to most situations in your life, now, as a college student. When asked what your greatest weakness is in the interview you reply with, “Wishing I was dead” followed by subdued laughter. Not only will this not get you the job, but it will make the interviewer concerned for your mental health. There is a time and a place for sarcasm. Quit adopting it as a second language and consider other coping mechanisms for instances of temporary grief.

  1. Being Unrealistic About Everything Turning Out Okay

College is a facade for everything turning out okay, that going to college secures a profitable future. This is fake news. Sorry to be so damning, but it’s true. Everything is not going to be okay. There are going to be hardships and trials that will test your strength and remind you that oftentimes life has no mercy for its participants. Knowing this fact, and preparing for unexpected outcomes is a key to success.

  1. Having No Filter

This is especially relevant in the way that social media works today. While you can say things in person that utilize tone to be portrayed effortlessly, there is something unnerving about saying whatever you want to whoever you want on the internet. Today we have no regard for the amount of impact that this can bring in ten years. Sure you’re joking around with your friends, but what happens when that business firm doesn’t want to hire you because you are too vulgar, or what happens when no one wants to hire you because you go around spouting your opinion in every post that disagrees with your viewpoint. No filter is no good, so if you don’t want this to hinder your future success, and you insist on being obnoxious on the internet, privatize your account.

  1. Documenting your entire life on Snapchat

Thinking that there is any privacy in the realm of Snapchat, and really any social media is a sick joke. I’m sure you’ve heard this all before, and everytime you hear it you convince yourself that no one from the FBI is really interested in your Saturday night practices. The FBI shouldn’t be what you’re worried about, what you should worry about is sending to people and posting to people the types of things that they will use against you in the future; things that will deter future employers from hiring you. Snapchat’s uniqueness stems from its ability to disappear after 24 hours. Do you really think a documented photo sent over a public WiFi connection is going to disappear forever?

  1. Having “No Ragrets”

That butterfly tattoo, that drunken phone call to the wrong person, that one decision that you try so hard to shut out of your head. Some may say that you need these regrets, that you have to build your character with some regrets in some way or another. Sure, have some regrets, but living your life with “no ragrets” can leave you broken, wandering through a world that will take everything you are because all that you’ve done through life is act upon whims of carelessness. Oh look, another theme of life’s mercilessness.  

  1. Not Making Friends

Success feeds off of many sources, being antisocial in college is something you will regret in your future because you not only are missing out on having a support system in times of need but, you are also misunderstanding social cues and lacking a strong network of individuals when you exit the safe haven that is college. Existence is hard from time to time, existing alone when there are 7 billion people out there is a vapid mistake in a competitive world.

  1. Being a Hopeless Romantic

Falling in love is great, until it consumes your entire soul, routine, and every thought. Sure, you always have someone there for you, but have you ever heard about the success rate of young love? It’s infamously known for being unsuccessful. Falling in love with the first person who sweeps you off your feet is only going to work out life-term for a handful of individuals. When you structure such a young life around someone else you are inviting introverted tendencies, social control, and a lack of freedom into your college career. I know you’re wondering, ‘who hurt you?’ I’ve lived through this experience and so have multiple friends of mine. We have this regret, and it’s not even the end of our college career. Live your life exactly how you want right now. In ten years there will be more than enough to-dos that will eliminate your current freedom.

  1. Attending College

College is not for everyone. I do not think that this verity is stressed enough. I know too many people who complain far too often about being in class and having to work hard on assignments. Funny concept, right? Sure we all complain about school from time to time, but why are you here, what do you want to be doing? Why aren’t you doing this? Consider what college is offering you, and what you think the greatest reward is from attending. Don’t fall victim to society’s socially accepted standards without first giving your consent.

  1. Relying on Other People to Guide you Through the Course

This is a habit that is too addictive. We’ve all been sitting in class; asking a million questions, stating out loud how confused we are and how the professor didn’t explain anything well enough. The harsh truth of this is that you just aren’t paying attention, you aren’t actively invested in the topic, but you should be because in ten years this habit is not going to help you get a job. It will expose employers to your indolent habits from the get go, and they will be more than happy to not hire you. Don’t be that person; learn to engage in your present circumstances. If not, this habit will only endulge you into becoming the person you, hopefully, don’t want to be.

  1. Taking Shit too Seriously

Don’t be that up-tight, stuck up, “I’m better than you because I don’t do that” person. No one likes that person. Life isn’t that serious, and I can assure you that college is even less serious than that. This isn’t to say that there aren’t instances of being serious, it’s just a matter of grace and acceptance at that point. Still, nothing is so detrimental that you shouldn’t be able to develop a care-free outlook to accompany you in years to come. A quote that gets me through the day is “don’t take life too seriously, nobody gets out alive” and just like that I am reminded of life’s fleeting character.  

Shift your perspective, realize that college is a blip in time. There is no room for horrible habits to accumulate, and to hold you back from a future that you see as so fulfilling right now. Become conscientious of the things that you do, how you do them, and how you could change them for the better. No one is going to force you to do anything, but as soon as you are in the real world no one is going to tolerate your horrible college habits.

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