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There’s No Place Like Bibo

By April 24, 2018Uncategorized
Bibo shop outside


Bibo Coffee is a staple in the university community as much as it is in the Reno community. There are four Bibo locations, each of which offer an alternate coffee shop experience. When heading to the coffee shop there is a desired vibe that offers comfort and familiarity, Bibo Coffee is worth every location as it infuses these whimsical desires.

75 Foothill Rd.

Where a contemporary tone meets a warm color scheme the furthest Bibo location from campus offers a quiet atmosphere and comfortable furnishings for a classic coffee shop experience. Nestled in a South Reno shopping center, made to look rustic and inviting, this Bibo Coffee is surrounded by local businesses that add to the contented vibe within. The location exists in a more residential and suburban area of Reno, and because of this there is more interaction between occupants rather than independent work and study, which is common amongst the remaining urban Bibo locations. Being the second largest Bibo, there is a large table in the back which can be helpful for collaborative work. Check out this location if you’re meeting up with family, looking to go on a cute coffee date, or are into more quiet (yet public) workspaces.

717 S. Center St.

This extremely modern and vibrant Bibo location is right in the heart of Midtown. This location is where all of the coffee is roasted and where all of the gelato is made for every subsequent Bibo. The white walls and the minimal decor play into the personality of this location as it illuminates with all of the open windows and doors. This is a wonderful location to integrate one on one interaction and individual study as a low hum of relaxing music ensues. Head out to this Bibo location if you’re looking for a unique, yet quaint set up, a window to peer out of and a creative space while enjoying a nice brew.

460 S. Sierra St.

If you’re looking for that underground coffee shop feel, this Bibo offers a bit of a gritty side in the Bibo Coffee collection. This Bibo is an intentionally miniature location and allows for a grab-n-go coffee nature. However, there is a bit of outdoor seating available for enjoyment on a sunny Reno day and a nice window seat at the very far end of the shop. To add to the personality of this location, there are Reno locals that are entertaining, and not afraid to talk to you. This location expertly exemplifies Downtown Reno’s aura. If you’re looking for a more intimate conversation or a classic Reno feel, head to this Bibo and test out a dirty chai.



945 Record St.

An invitation of ambient lighting and a non-conventional layout contrasts highly from the other Bibo locations. As the most central location to UNR students, and most popular of all the Bibo locations, this Bibo offers a plethora of seating through a doorway into a back room and a homey coffee shop feel. Encompassing the personality of all other Bibo locations, while also remaining true to itself through its distinct qualities such as lay out, beer options, and a huge bar for the coffee to be served on; Record St. Bibo holds a classic college coffee shop feel to its student and professional customers. This bibo is perfect for posting up, having a business meeting, or even sitting out on the patio and enjoying the Reno weather.

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