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Places to Avoid Over Spring Break

By March 16, 2018April 1st, 2018Uncategorized
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Every Spring semester students in college tend to anticipate the end of midterms and the start of spring break. Students who save their money from work and student loans plan ahead to go somewhere for a whole week without knowing much about where they are going. Some students pick spots that are not that great, and some go places they remember forever. Some go to beaches like Newport Beach, California, while others go as far as beaches in Europe like Capri beach in Italy. Spring break is a wonderful getaway to be away from everything, but caution yourself to where you end up spending your time off from school. 

It’s no secret that spring break does not always work out the way it should. Especially in places that students travel to that have a lot of crowds, which becomes a great disappointment upon arrival. One of the most popular places to go are many of California’s beaches, especially since Reno is so close to the California border, and many people who go to UNR are from San Francisco, San Jose, and Monterey, or other parts of the bay area. 

If you don’t like crowded beaches, Huntington beach in Southern California should be avoided because of its 8 million  visitors a year. People could end up getting lost quite easily and getting items stolen. Though it is cheap and fun, it might be better to go somewhere else if students don’t like the crowds like Leo Carrillo State Park, California, which has barely any crowds and a nice beach. 

If a student is looking to go someplace different and out of the country, they might think of going to Mexico. There are some places in Mexico to stay at that are expensive, such as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which is $870 a night for a hotel like The Cape, a Thomas Hotel. Other options that are nicer and less expensive are Cancun, Mexico, which is around $275 night and is quite beautiful like Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa.

Orlando Beach, Florida is also ranked the most dangerous place in all of the U.S. for spring break with crime accident stats at the highest there which include rape, theft, risk, and car crashes according to websites like and

So wherever students decide to go, they should be having fun, yet they should also be aware of their surroundings to stay safe. College should be a wonderful four years of a student’s life, and no one should have it ruined by having an awful spring break. Just as long as people try to remain safe and out of trouble, your break should run smoothly.

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