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The Basement Review

By January 24, 2018Uncategorized
The Basement RenoxNV logo

Once an old post office, The Basement rapidly evolved into a hip and trendy spot for all ages. Offering arguably Reno’s best cold-pressed juice, gourmet handmade chocolates, local clothing brand, and an underground barbershop, among other things, The Basement has something for everyone.

As a Rawbry juice-veteran myself, I had become quite familiar with The Basement’s lifestyle branding. Brianna Bullentini, the part-owner of The Basement and owner of Rawbry, created the entire space with a vision of an alternative and collaborative culture in an underground environment, both literally and figuratively.

The Basement invites all of the creatives of Reno to hang out, drink juice or coffee, and create their own ideas or plans together. The architecture of The Basement reinforces this mission. The vendors and shops are located along the walls while community tables are placed in the middle of the space, encouraging people to interact and collaborate while they support the local businesses within.

During my experience as an employee, it was not uncommon to hear about certain ideas being explored and then seen to fruition. The Basement has such a creative energy built into its walls by Bullentini that it sparks that same spirit within its employees and customers alike. Every business located within is operated by a local entrepreneur who believes and participates in the mission of The Basement.

While The Basement offers different shops and vendors, it also offers a space to hang out, work, and host meetings or events.

Creativity begets creativity, and The Basement is crawling with inspiration.

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