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Mynt Cannabis Dispensary Review

By January 24, 2018Uncategorized
Mynt Dispensary Logo


Mynt Cannabis Dispensary in downtown Reno has a wide selection of cannabis products. According to their website, Mynt sells “flowers, edibles, topicals, vape oils, and concentrates.” The dispensary is stylish, organized, and quick. Employee Trista Barnes estimates that Mynt has close to tripled its customer intake since Nevada legalized recreational marijuana.


After visiting the front desk, patients are called back into the purchasing area, where the product is. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, receiving extensive training on the product, and on the laws surrounding them. Regular testing is standard, with employees receiving online tests once every few weeks, and micro tests even more often to further their education.

“Training is very much an in depth process of learning laws. Cannabidiol (CBD) just became a schedule one narcotic, so we can’t give it to anybody who’s flying out of state anymore,” Barnes said.

A great deal of patient questions are about the legality of marijuana, whether it be about legal quantities or where people are allowed to use product, Barnes explains. Beyond the legality of cannabis, the employees also learn about the endocannabinoid system and how the body reacts with cannabis, as well as the lineages of cannabis. The employees stay informed about the way individual strains affect people. While many people purchase whatever is available, Barnes urges patients to ask questions about different strains.

“Indicas are high in terpenes that kill anxiety, and help pain, and relieves stress,” said Barnes, “Whereas sativas will engage your mind and can make anxiety worse. If you don’t want to get high, CBD is a great way to kill anxiety as well.”

Barnes hopes for cannabis to be legalized on a federal level. She urges people to focus on and research the medical benefits of cannabis. “THC itself is good for getting rid of ocular pressure, CBD is a pain reliever, muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, anti-spasmodic. Pretty much the only thing I haven’t found it be helpful for is allergies.”

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