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A Local Treasure

By November 7, 2017Uncategorized
multiple books staged at a bookstore

Those who have yet to discover the magic of Grassroots are missing out on a wonderful piece of Reno. Located on East Grove Street, Grassroots is a thriving used book store. Believe it or not, the store began in a mother’s garage near Seattle over a decade ago. Today, this business boasts a variety of tastes and not just in books. They have used and new books, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, video games, and even notebooks and other bookish items. Walking in, you are treated to a cozy atmosphere of soft pop and rock music and kind employees who have an obvious love for their store. The employees are extremely helpful and never fail to give a great reading suggestion if you’re stuck. They have community events, too. Recently they held a book giveaway to teachers for their classrooms and to elementary school kids. Grassroots also has an event that happens every three weeks: their Warehouse Sales. They are a unique opportunity to accumulate books by the bag, literally. They open up their warehouse and you are allowed to peruse what books have yet to hit the shelves. If so inclined, you can fill a grocery bag to the brim with great reads for a grand total of $4.99. I have attended these sales more than once, and I can attest that it is almost impossible to escape with just one bag. You walk into a room with tables upon tables of books. Even the air smells like paper and hidden treasures. Grassroots is very good at keeping variety on their shelves and keeping costs low. They even carry new copies of books at discounted prices. I suggest that the next time you’re out and about, you check out an amazing local business with a big personality.

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