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Maybe I’m Amazed: McCartney Turns 50 

By April 20, 2020May 7th, 2020Uncategorized
Picture of McCartney Album

Paul McCartney’s solo debut “McCartney” turned 50 on April 17, 2020; “McCartney” was the first solo Beatle record to be released, marking the end of one era but the start of another: McCartney’s impressive and solid musical journey that’s still rocking today. 

In celebration of “McCartney” turning 50, Spotify hosted a listening party on April 17, giving fans the chance to discuss their favorite tunes and lyrics through a live chat feature. Paul McCartney also released a newly restored version of “Maybe I’m Amazed” and a music video to commemorate the big anniversary.  

“McCartney,” which was recorded between December 1969 and February 1970, encapsulates McCartney’s transition from Beatle to stoned, shaggy-haired and whiskey-breathed solo musician.  However, the album also encapsulates his marriage to Linda McCartney and her aid and devotion to him, making this album an ode to the photographer. In addition to singing background vocals, Linda also photographed for the record; she documented their rural retreat in Scotland and their everyday family life.

Though the other Beatles — John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr — and critics didn’t fancy the record, “McCartney” spent three weeks at #1 on the Billboard chart, and it stands out today as a vulnerable and raw project. Full of home recordings, experimentations and Beatle rejects, “McCartney” allowed the then 27-year-old to display his most unaltered self — which helped him through the band’s hostile breakup. 

“It was very interesting to do and it had a certain kind of rawness, because I was breaking loose after The Beatles, we all got a feeling of that, I think,” shared McCartney with his official website.

“McCartney” focuses on themes like love and the everyday, mundane pleasantries, making this record as relevant now as it was then. Check out top tunes off of “McCartney” below, and stream the album on Spotify and Apple Music today. 

The Lovely Linda: Penned by McCartney for his wife, the 44 second song is accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a beaming McCartney on vocals, who ends the opening track with giggles — giving listeners a glimpse into his happy marriage and newfound life away from the Beatles.

Every Night:“Every Night” shows McCartney’s hope and hopelessness during his trying time. Addressed to Linda, the optimistic tune remains simple with mature “woos,” playful lyrics and limited instruments, sounding like the perfect romantic campfire song. 

Man We Was Lonely: Inspired by the Beatles’ breakup, “Man We Was Lonely” takes on a folksy and country attitude with Linda singing softly and hauntingly in the background. Tucked somewhere in Scotland in their farmhouse, the two and their children were secluded, yet “were fine all the while” in their domestic haven. 

Maybe I’m Amazed:A McCartney staple, “Maybe I’m Amazed,” is one of the most loved and most popular tunes off of “McCartney,” touching peoples’ hearts to this day due to its tender lyrics about Linda’s strength and love and McCartney’s utmost gratitude and amazement. Linda got McCartney out of bed and inspired him to make “silly love songs,” until her passing in 1998 to breast cancer. “Every love song I write is for Linda,” McCartney once shared.  

Kreen-Akrore: The most experimental track on “McCartney,” was inspired by a Brazilian Indian tribe McCartney watched a documentary on. “The idea behind it was to get the feeling of their hunt,” said McCartney. The lyricless song is infused with jungle noises, intense electric guitar riffs and dramatic, heart thumping drumming that match and intertwine with McCartney’s heavy breathing. 


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