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The Jungle Cafe

Local Business Review: Java Jungle

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In the depths of downtown in the Riverwalk District, there stands a quaint little coffee house that goes by Java Jungle, or more recently named “The Jungle.” The Jungle is a very trendy and open environment that allows anybody to come and sip coffee while enjoying the presence of the nearby river and downtown altogether.

In addition, The Jungle has a certain edge to it that makes it stand out from the other coffee shops in Reno, and that is at night it turns into a hip dive bar and serves alcohol. In 2013, Jungle Vino and Java Jungle joined forces and merged their companies with the idea that cocktails and wine can also bring people together the same way coffee does.

The Jungle offers wine tastings paired with live music and gourmet food for a better coffee shop experience. The Barroon is a new addition to The Jungle which has the goal of capturing presence in an intimate setting. The Barroon holds the wine tastings and other special events like open mic night every Monday. Next time you are thinking of hitting downtown and going to your normal bars, try The Jungle for a different, more enriching kind of night.