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Opinion: The Impact this Election has on the Future of Nevada’s Environment

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It’s easy to assume national elections are more important than local elections. It makes sense, why wouldn’t we assume the president’s decisions will have the greatest effect on us? After all, the presidency is the highest position of power in the United States. But, the truth is, local elections will always have a more direct impact on you and your community.

During the midterm elections this November, Nevadans have big decisions to make. Specifically, decisions that involve the environment. The Sierra Club and other environmental organizations in the state urge you to vote “no” on Question 3 and “yes” on Question 6. Both are related to renewable energy, but the context of the questions is crucially different. Question 3 is about who provides your energy. Question 6 would require all energy utilities to provide more energy from renewable resources. The information below is provided by the Sierra Club’s official website. For more detailed information, head to

Here’s why you should vote “no” on question 3:

  • NV Energy has changed course on its renewable energy policies and has proposed projects that will double its current level of renewable energy generation by 2023. Voting “yes” on question 3 would force NV Energy to sell these plants, sending Nevada’s energy market into uncertainty and disarray.
  • Nothing on Question 3 guarantees renewable energy.
  • Deregulating the energy market in Nevada could substantially raise electricity rates.
  • If Question 3 passes, it becomes constitutional law, meaning it will be very difficult to reverse if anything goes wrong.

Passing Question 6 means:

  • All electric suppliers would be required to provide at least 50% of their total electricity from renewable resources by 2030.
  • This would help our state significantly by creating a diverse array of job opportunities, from engineers and installers to office employees and factory workers.
  • Our environment would be greener and cleaner. Currently, Nevada receives 80% of its energy from out-of-state fossil fuels such as, gas, oil, and coal.

The vote on these questions will have an enormous impact on the future of our environment and its progression towards clean, renewable energy. This November, I urge you to make a decision that will benefit both the environment and our economy. Increased renewable energy will help ensure a sustainable future for Nevada.