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Local Business Review: Holey Schmidt Donuts

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One of the newest donut shops in Reno is so sweet, it makes visitors feel like they’re on a sugar rush. As if the Discovery Museum located in downtown Reno wasn’t already fun enough, the addition of Holey Schmidt Donuts this past February makes for a great attraction. Owners Galen and Cadi Schmidt offer a wide variety of flavors, ranging from the basic chocolate sprinkle to the ultimate throwback for 90’s kids: the cosmic brownie. This hip, youthful shop located in Midtown is visited by children and adults alike. With art on the walls proclaiming to “Keep Reno Sweet,” it helps the shop connect with prideful Nevadans and those looking for a cheat day indulgence.

While the daring may be drawn to the donuts loaded with candy and cookie crumbles, there’s no shame in choosing the classics. Old fashioned and chocolate sprinkles are seen as a go-to. The shop also sells a pretty impressive range of coffee and usually carries vegan donuts for the health-conscious on Tuesdays.

Overall, Holey Schmidt is known for its fun name, active presence on social media, and its very rich and flavorful donuts. They often restock throughout the day, and the staff does it pretty quickly based on what’s popular.