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SnowGlobe Concert

Joyzu Uses Live Elements to Bring in the New Year

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The duo, Joyzu, that consists of Quinton Pope and Carson Willms, helped bring in the new year by opening up the main stage on the final day of SnowGlobe Music Festival. The two performers met in high school and started playing just for fun at parties, but soon enough both of them realized that making electronic dance music was their niche. The duo’s performance stood out from their previous shows done because this time they wanted to focus on the live elements and connecting in the moment. “We’ve changed up the vibe of our show,” said Pope. Willms and Pope brought out live performers including Olivia Reid and Lilianna Wilde. Wilde just debuted in their new single “Famous.”

“Someone super close to me got a little famous and let it get the best of them,” said Wilde. When asked if there was any advice that performers can take to avoid letting the fame consume them, Wilde responded with “Just don’t get an ego.” Wilde brought a certain energy on the stage that connected the performers to the fans. Having the new single sung live brought out the originality and passion behind the song.

The performance that went on at SnowGlobe was not planned overnight. “We’ve been working on this show for 3 months” said Willms,“This is the first time we’ve done the whole live element thing.” The duo has been practicing everyday for three months leading up to New Year’s Eve at SnowGlobe. They hope to move away from the stereotype of just regular DJ’s and bring more diverse and alive elements to their music. Their best friends mindset behind their creation of music is to “Just make a good song,” said Pope, “Every song is different, there’s no right way to create a song.”

Willms and Pope have a lot of big plans for the New Year. Willms explained how their goal is to really break into the “roots of edm.” This past year they have stayed more focused on the radio style of electronic music and are hoping to cross over to the more heavier style of what is EDM. The duo recently signed onto Armada Music and with their help they plan on releasing five more songs in 2018. “They’ve given us a lot of opportunities,” said Pope. Three years ago Willms and Pope were in the crowd attending SnowGlobe, and now with the help of their fans and new record label, they are driving in the New Year with their fun and divergent style of music.


SnowGlobe Concert

SnowGlobe Day 3 Photos

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2017 ended in style as SnowGlobe Music Festival came to a close. Neon blue and red lights lit up the Igloo as the Los Angeles based band, Justin Jay, played trance-like, dreamy music. The crowed swayed back and fourth as guitar player, Ben Glasser, jumped up on an amp in front of the stage. Jai Wolf turned a crowd of people into a magical sea of music lovers all on the same wavelength. As the 2018 countdown began, Alison Wonderland slayed the main stage to end the year.

SnowGlobe Concert

The ZOA Brings Magic to SnowGlobe Music Festival

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The annual SnowGlobe Music Festival is a time for trancing music, fun experiences, and exquisite art. This year the festival featured the ZOA sculpture, a playful expression of art made by the Chromaforms Art Collective.

The Chromaforms Art Collective specializes in making playful and interactive art creations with the help of engineers and sculptors. “A lot of our projects are community based, or we try to get a lot of people to help and to make something,” said Martin Taylor, an engineer who helped start Chromaforms. Taylor originally worked as an engineer in a prototype technology lab. After he was done working for the day, he would use the big 3D printers to create little sculptures at night. This is what drove his inspiration to start Chromaforms and to eventually quit his day job and pursue art and creation full time.

Taylor said the goal of the ZOA sculpture is, “To bring out a very playful aspect in people that often gets lost in larger society.” The piece was originally supposed to be a jellyfish that was going to debut at Burning Man. However, Taylor discovered that another artist had that same idea, so he had to change paths. By having the same jellyfish idea in mind, he used rainbow colors and soft and wrinkled materials that can change and be less predictable. There is also a mini faux fur star inside of the creation that adds a hidden magical element to the ZOA.

He wanted the piece to stand out and for participants to “be invited to investigate.” The ZOA piece is one of the first things you see when you walk in and adds an essence to the overall feeling you get from being at the festival. As the night got darker, more people seemed drawn in to the ZOA.

Fans would touch, spin, and often sit under it. “It brings people to a childlike state,” said Taylor, “It’s like a game.” Taylor described the piece as almost like a hologram at night. No matter which stage you are at, the ZOA seems to be the central location of the festival grounds. “There is also the element from seeing it from far away and investigating it.” said Taylor.

The ZOA sculpture made its first major appearance at Burning Man this year and later to EDC Orlando. The Sculpture folds down easily and deflates, so it can depart from one event to the next. “It’s going to be there for a little while, and then it’s going to travel somewhere else.” said Taylor. The overall essence of the ZOA adds a deeper meaning to the culture of what is SnowGlobe Music Festival. The next project Taylor plans to work on will try to star plastic bottles and ideas to bring new energy to things people see as everyday wasteful items. Taylor’s advice to potential artists is to try to have a day job and pursue art at the same time. “Doing art is just equal as much work,” said Taylor.

black light concert with a "jellyfish" umbrella

SnowGlobe Day 1 Photos

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SnowGlobe started off with a bang this year. From the inside of the Igloo tent to outside at the Sierra stage festival goers from all over dressed up in their flashiest gear to live it up at day one of SnowGlobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe, California. Neon lights illuminated the festival grounds as crowds gathered around to watch some of last night’s headliners including Luca Lush, Brasstracks, Spag Heddy, Travis Scott, and TroyBoi.