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David Duchovny's book cover

Book Review: Miss Subways

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Book by David Duchovny, Review by Nikki Moylan

While Duchovny is best known for his role as FBI agent Fox Mulder on The X Files, his newest novel rivals any plotline from the 90s sci-fi television show. Following the life of second grade teacher, Emer, as she navigates a new relationship with a man who has a mysterious and somewhat sketchy presence. Her life is turned upside down when she finds strange visitors warning her about this man and the sacrifices she must make in order to keep the relationship. The story does a great job of blending fact and fiction, mixed with some mythological creatures  in present day New York. Readers will enjoy the colorful cast of characters, like the over-the-top spoiled brats that run Emer’s classroom along with Emer’s humorous monologues.

Rowenna Miller's book cover

Book Review: Torn

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Book by Rowena Miller, Review by Maggie Schmutz

Torn by Rowena Miller is a fantasy novel that follows Sophie, a dressmaker who is known for sewing charms into garments. She supports herself and her brother Kristos with her business and by continuing to make dresses for the nobles of their kingdom. Her brother Kristos is a revolutionary and is strongly against the monarchy and the nobles that support it, which challenges Sophie.

She knows that she is supported by these people, and as she gets to know them she finds that many of them see the struggle the lower classes are facing, but at the same time she can’t relate to the elegant lives they lead. She is stuck in between friends, family, and two very different sides of her life. As Kristos’ rebellion grows she must choose between the two worlds she has come to inhabit. This novel is the first in its series and is perfect for anyone intrigued by the mix of politics and fantasy with a fair share of suspense thrown in

Gillian Flynn's Book cover

Book Review: Gone Girl

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Book by Gillian Flynn, Review by Taylor Avery

Do you ever get the feeling that people aren’t quite what they make themselves out to be?

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is a cleverly written book, with near whiplash inducing plot twists and beautifully crafted characters. At first the book appears rudimentary, complete with boy-meets-girl and marriage-turned-sour elements. However, Flynn quickly sets herself apart by alternating chapters between Nick and Amy, whose narratives are told in different times of their relationship. This unique format gives readers the feeling of a near 360 degree perspective yet with frustrating blind spots that leave the reader guessing until the very last page. Gone Girl puts readers on a roller coaster of emotions, leaving the reader feeling dizzy and with a rush of adrenaline at the end of the ride.