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October 2020

Picture of Carved Pumpkins

13 Spooky Movie for the Easily Frightned

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As someone who has always loved Halloween, but hated scary movies, I know how odd this time of year can feel. However, over time I have comprised a list of movies that will help you get in the spooky mood, without leaving you with horrible nightmares for weeks. The list is ranked from least to most likely to genuinely scare you, if you are easily frightened like me. These are some of my favorites, so I hope you like them too!


  • It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown: This 1966 classic follows the Peanuts gang as they celebrate Halloween. 

  • Corpse Bride: Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot find themselves in an arranged marriage, but after running into the woods to practice his vows in peace, Victor finds himself married to a dead bride.  

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington, Halloweentown’s pumpkin king, grows tired of seemingly doing the same thing for Halloween every year, so after stumbling upon Christmas Town, he forms a plan to make Christmas his new project. 

  • Edward Scissorhands: After a scientist dies, leaving Edward (his creation) alone, a kind woman finds him and decides to take him home with her. However, this is no ordinary boy, he has scissors for hands–which makes life quite difficult for him.

  • Ghostbusters (1984): After a group of scientists stop working at a university in NYC, they decide to become ghost hunters. 

  • The Witches (1990): While staying in a hotel with his grandmother, a young boy ends up spying on a convention full of evil witches who don’t want their secret to get out.

  • Beetlejuice: After a young couple dies in a car accident, they are forced to watch an eccentric family move into their home. 

  • Young Frankenstein: In this 1974 comedy, the grandson of the scientist Dr. Frankenstein is invited to Transylvania, where he soon discovers the process that can reanimate a dead body.

  • Monster House: When a neighborhood is being terrorized by a haunted house and its creepy old man, three kids take it upon themselves to get to the bottom of the situation.

  • Coraline: When exploring her new home, Coraline discovers a secret door that transports her to a parallel world of her own, but things are not as they seem. 

  • Jennifer’s Body: After the failed sacrifice of a teenage girl named Jennifer, she is reborn as a succubus with an extreme craving for the blood of boys, especially those that hurt her. 

  • The Craft: When Sarah moves to a new school, she meets three girls who claim to be witches; and It just so happens they need a fourth member. 

  • Scream: After the death of a local girl, the town of Woodsboro is sent into a frenzy trying to figure out who the masked killer is, especially when the killer seems to target one girl in particular; Sydney Prescott.